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A Message from Our Executive Director

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Dear Community Members and Partners,

As the new Executive Director of the Senior Adult Activity Centers of Montgomery County (Montco SAAC), I am filled with a profound sense of responsibility and excitement for the future. Our vision at Montco SAAC is clear yet ever-evolving: to adapt to the changing needs of our inter-generational seniors, caregivers, and future senior generations. We aim to be the community focal point for the breadth of services that seniors need. Montco SAAC is more than just a center; it's the front door to a world of lifelong learning, social and emotional support, as well as health and wellness resources for those aged 50 and over.

In my first weeks at Montco SAAC, I witnessed an incident that deeply impacted me and underscored the essence of our mission. A senior-aged neighbor of our Norristown center, overwhelmed and in tears, walked through our front door just after we opened for the day. She was clutching an eviction notice. She was at a loss, uncertain of her next steps and fearful of what comes next.

What happened from there was a moment that vividly highlighted the critical role we play in our community. Our staff, with their innate compassion and expertise, listened intently to her story and understood her sense of helplessness. They guided her to our social services office, where Danielle, one of our social workers, stepped in to help. She expertly guided our neighbor to legal resources that could help. Danielle helped give her a sense of control and self-sufficiency to work through her situation. Our neighbor (and new friend), left in a much better state of mind, with an open invitation to revisit our center, share a meal, and make new friends. More importantly, she left with her dignity.

This encounter is a testament to what Montco SAAC represents. In this place, connection to community, lifelong learning, health and wellness are not just words, but actions. It's a place where every senior can find support, community, and the resources they need to navigate life's challenges.

Looking to the future, we must continue to evolve and adapt. One significant challenge we are faced with is overcoming the stigma of being a senior citizen and the notion that a senior center is a place to go and be "old'. It is certainly not the case at the Montco SAAC centers. When you walk though our front door, you will be challenged to learn a new skill, art or technology. You will be inspired with music and dance. You will embrace life-long learning offered though our innovative staff and guest presenters. Also, if needed, you will find your social and emotional needs met with care and dignity.

At Montco SAAC, we are committed to fostering an environment where seniors can thrive. This includes expanding our range of services to meet the needs of caregivers and future senior generations. In the coming months, we look forward to launching a remote health and wellness platform for our less mobile seniors, a tech literacy program for seniors, and inspirational, educational programming for the next generation of seniors.

As we forge ahead, our focus remains steadfast on providing our seniors a welcoming, supportive, and dynamic space. Montco SAAC will continue to be the beacon in our community, illuminating the path for seniors to lead fulfilling, connected lives.

Would you like to join us in our mission?

As an independent nonprofit organization, Montco SAAC's ability to provide these essential services and programs largely depends on the generous support of individuals, businesses and community foundations. We rely on these resources to ensure our mission's sustainability and growth into the future. Each gift helps us to continue our work, enriching the lives of seniors, caregivers and their families.

With the support of our community partners and individual benefactors, we can create a future where our senior years are not just endured, but celebrated, where every individual is respected, and where our collective wisdom is our greatest strength.

Mark Clark is the Executive Director of the Senior Adult Activity Centers of Montgomery County (Montco SAAC), a private nonprofit organization that supports the senior community in Montgomery County through a wide range of services and programs.

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As with ALL of the Staff here at MONTCO SAAC, Mark is pleasant and helpful from the get go! 😍😎 --- a somewhat anonymous member of MONTCO SAAC!



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