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Our History
EST. 1965

Our founders:
Mrs. Margaret C. Applegrath
Mrs. Muriel C. Bernnes
Mr. D. Rae Boyd
Mr. Harry Butera
Dr. Carmela DeRivas
Mrs. Louella M. Klingerman
Miss Marjorie Van Horn
Mr. Merrill Zimmerman

Founded in 1965, the Senior Adult Activities Center of Montgomery County

was established by a group of visionary individuals committed to improving the lives of the elderly in their community. The original Articles of Incorporation on file at the Norristown center, detail the organization's purpose:

to provide education, fellowship, recreation, therapy, and counseling to senior residents, aiming for their general welfare and addressing nutritional needs.


The founders wanted to foster a supportive environment for the elderly, irrespective of their sex, social or economic background, race, or religion, emphasizing a commitment to non-profit operation, political neutrality, and a perpetual existence. This marked the beginning of a legacy focused on enhancing the quality of life for seniors through a broad spectrum of services and activities, laying the groundwork for decades of community service and support.


Embarking on a mission to provide a supportive and enriching environment, Montco SAAC began as a place where seniors could gather for a warm, nutritious lunch and find needed community support. This initial step marked the start of a broader vision to create a comprehensive community resource for senior adults, focusing on their general welfare and addressing their nutritional, educational, and social needs.

Over the years, Montco SAAC has evolved to meet the changing needs of its community, expanding its offerings beyond just meals. Today, it includes a wide variety of programs such as health and fitness classes, art classes, and social activities designed to keep seniors engaged and active. Additionally, it operates the largest Meals on Wheels program in Montgomery County, reaching hundreds of home-bound seniors, and provides crucial social services through its centers in Ambler and Norristown.

Montco SAAC's journey from its inception to its current state illustrates a deep commitment to the senior community, showing how a simple idea can grow into an indispensable part of the community fabric. It stands as a testament to the founders' vision of a supportive, enriching environment for seniors, a vision that continues to guide the organization's efforts today.


For more details on Montco SAAC's current activities and how to support their mission, visit their website at

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