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Our Impact

Montco SAAC positively impacts lives each year by empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives through our diverse range of programs aimed at enhancing health, providing essential social services, and fostering opportunities for social interaction and creativity. In the past year alone, our dedicated team of 300+ volunteers has made a significant difference by delivering over 166,000 nutritious meals through our Meals on Wheels program. Moreover, our centers have welcomed over 2,500 individuals who continue to benefit from the wide array of opportunities we offer.

Through our holistic approach, Montco SAAC addresses the social determinants of health, offering evidence-based programs as well as engaging activities such as art and dance. Our committed staff are dedicated to making a meaningful impact every day. From providing educational resources to facilitating experiential learning, from offering congregate lunch services to delivering Meals on Wheels, and from sharing recipes to promoting gardening, we address multiple facets of well-being.

Improving and stabilizing one person's life creates a ripple effect that positively influences their families and communities. At Montco SAAC, our overarching goal is to ensure that individuals of all generations are valued and supported, contributing to a thriving and caring community.

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