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Montco SAAC Secures $10,000 Monthly Ad Grant from Google to Expand Reach and Impact

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Recently, Montco SAAC was approved for a substantial monthly ad grant of $10,000 from Google as part of the Google Ads Nonprofit Grant Program. This remarkable grant will enable Montco SAAC to significantly expand its reach and increase awareness of its impactful programs and services.

Expanding Reach through Google Ads

Through the Google Ads Nonprofit Grant Program, qualifying nonprofits gain access to up to $10,000 per month in search ads displayed on With this grant, Montco SAAC can now showcase targeted ads to individuals who are searching for keywords related to its mission and services. This strategic approach will amplify Montco SAAC's visibility and allow us to reach a wider audience, thereby making an even greater impact within Montgomery County.

Enhanced Opportunities for Growth

The $10,000 monthly ad grant from Google represents a tremendous opportunity for Montco SAAC. In addition to the grant, the organization also has the option to purchase additional Google Ads in a separate account. This flexibility opens up endless possibilities for Montco SAAC to expand its reach even further and create an even more profound impact on the lives of older adults in the community.

The Power of the Google Ads Nonprofit Grant Program

The Google Ads Nonprofit Grant Program is a game-changer for organizations like Montco SAAC. It empowers nonprofits to connect with individuals who are actively searching for their services online. By strategically placing targeted ads on, Montco SAAC can effectively engage with a broader audience, raise awareness about its mission, and ultimately make a lasting difference in the lives of older adults throughout Montgomery County.

Expressing Gratitude

Tiffany Bellamy, the Marketing Director of Montco SAAC, expressed her sincere gratitude for the support of Google and the tremendous opportunity presented by this grant. Bellamy believes that the grant will be instrumental in enabling Montco SAAC to reach more people in Montgomery County who can benefit from the organization's diverse range of programs and services. She is excited about the prospects of expanding their reach and making an even greater impact in the community they serve.

Montco SAAC's approval for a $10,000 monthly grant from Google through the Google Ads Nonprofit Grant Program marks a significant milestone in their journey to create a lasting impact on the lives of older adults in Montgomery County. With the power of targeted Google Ads, Montco SAAC can now reach more individuals, raise awareness about their programs and services, and ultimately enhance the well-being of older adults within the community. This remarkable opportunity, combined with the organization's dedication, is sure to propel Montco SAAC's mission forward, fostering positive change and improving the lives of older adults in Montgomery County.

Connect with Montco SAAC

To learn more about Montco SAAC, its mission, and the range of programs and services it offers, please visit its official website at Stay updated with the latest news and developments by following Montco SAAC on social media.

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